Why Hire Us

Only Traffic & Criminal Defence

We only act in traffic and criminal law cases. We do not act in any other areas of law, not because we can’t, but because we don’t want to. We want to be always 100 per cent up-to-date, dedicated and focused to just one area of law so that we can be the best.

Strong Defence

“Where there’s a will there’s a way”. If our client believes they are innocent, we will always fight the fight. We don’t believe any case is unwinnable.


The difference between an excellent lawyer and a mediocre one is strategy. Legal tactics will be the difference between a WIN or a LOSS in many criminal defences. It is only the most experienced criminal defence lawyers who have honed their legal strategy skills.


We always aggressively negotiate with the Prosecution no matter how strong the police brief of evidence appears on paper. Unless our client instructs, we never plead guilty if there is a chance of a win at trial.
Unlike some firms who rush to advise their client to plead guilty on the basis of a “strong” Police Brief of Evidence, we always thoroughly analyse the Police Brief to find essential holes in the Police case….and we always do.

Best Criminal Defence Barristers

We always hire only the best criminal barristers with a proven track record of winning cases to conduct our District Court cases. We have a policy that “1 strike and they are out”.

We always brief only the best junior barristers for cases. We believe they are more hungry for success and their fees are cheaper which keeps costs down for our clients.


We have a systematic training program for our trainee lawyers which indoctrinate them with our criminal defence strategies and philosophy. We always hire our lawyers from our pool of trainee lawyers to ensure that they are 100 per cent fit and ready to take on job. Our lawyers are 100 per cent committed to their careers. It is not a 9-5 job. We often work weekends and late into the night on our cases.

We are active in the continuing legal education and training of our lawyers. We don’t just sit back. Each year we handpick prominent criminal lawyers, barristers and Judges from across Australia to conduct criminal legal seminars on important updates and issues in criminal law for our lawyers. We also invite other criminal lawyers to attend these conferences. We are always on top of our game.


If we ever lose our cases, and we feel the decision was wrong; we always advise our client to appeal the decision and our client pays no fees unless we win.

Team Effort

The more legal minds working on a case, the more chance of a win. So for local court cases, we always have a lawyer and trainee lawyer working on the case. For higher court cases, we always have a Barrister, lawyer and trainee lawyers working on the case.

Affordable Fixed Fees

We keep costs down so we concentrate on the bigger picture of winning our client’s court cases. We locate our office in the suburb and not the city to keep down overheads so that we don’t have to charge our clients exorbitant fees to cover the high cost of running a legal firm. In this way also, our lawyers remain focused on winning the cases and not on the money.

​We have a lump sum fixed fee package for all of our criminal and traffic offences so that our lawyers need not be restricted as to how much time they spend on each case. We make it our priority that what matters is the RESULT and not how much we earn from the case. Our lawyers are never restricted as to how much time they should spend preparing a case for court. We spend all the time that is necessary to prepare the case for a successful outcome for our client. ​

If you need urgent legal advice, call us today and speak to our lawyers on 02 7202 7939 or 0422 372 695 or Contact US and we will respond ASAP. Typical response time: 15 minutes