Top Court Results

With so many law firms these days claiming they are the “top” or “best” or “most successful” criminal defence lawyers but not prepared to show their weekly court results on their website, we decided it was time to set us apart apart from the competition and be completely transparent.

So below you will find results of our significant WINS each week. Our lawyers are often in different Sydney courts daily and we have achieved more than 90 per cent success in all of our traffic and criminal cases.

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“A family member of mine was recently represented by Greenfield Lawyers. We could not thank them enough for such a great outcome that we did not think possible. The paralegal, lawyer, and barrister were fantastic to work with. They were professional, friendly, thorough and had excellent communication throughout the whole trial. I would highly recommend them.”

Seth T

“Cant thank Rabia Bulli enough. I was found Not guilty at Bankstown Court for false allegations of assaulting my ex girlfriend. Rabia is a professional and strong lawyer. She didnt back down during the hearing. I would recommend this firm as the number 1 lawyers in Sydney for their expertise in defending criminal law. They are not cheap but they arent expensice either when you consider they deliver what they promise. Money well spent. I wouldnt trust any one else.”

Rah H

“Thank you thank you thankyou! My family have had a problem with the mental crazy neighbour for some years now and short of moving out and calling the police who did nothing to protect us we really were at wits end. My children were getting so stressed they had to see councillors at school. I went to these lawyers and they immediately prepared all the paperwork and were successful at court for a personal apprehended order against the neighbour. Now he never looks at us and we dont hear a peep from him anymore. Money well spent for competent legal representation.”

Maria P