Initial Consult Fee – $250

You will expect to speak to one of our very experienced criminal lawyers who will give you detailed advice as to the best road to take in your case. Money back Guarantee if we cannot answer any of your legal questions.

Why no free consult? Because unlike most lawyers who offer “free” consults, you will find that the free consult is a waste of your time and a sales tactic to get you through the door. Once you are there most law firms will give you just 10 minutes with a junior office lawyer. Would you risk your court outcome for a freebie advice?

Fixed Fees Package – No Hidden Charges

We have fixed fees packages for all court representation for all criminal and traffic cases. At the Initial Consult we will analyse your case carefully and advise which fixed fee package is best and affordable for you.

If you need urgent legal advice, call us today and speak to our lawyers on 02 9708 6832 or 0422 372 695 or complete the Form below and we will respond ASAP. Typical response time: 15 minutes