Community Initiatives

We strongly believe in supporting the community and giving back to the South West Sydney Region.

Legal Aid

Greenfield Lawyers are appointed to the General Criminal Law Panel with the Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales. Legal Aid has strict guidelines when assigning matters to private solicitors and will generally only assign matters to panel members. Greenfield Lawyers assist the community and help to balance out the issue of justice and access to legal representation for those who cannot afford to pay for legal representation. Our highly skilled and experienced lawyers handle Legal Aid cases in addition to privately funded cases. Greenfield Lawyers have a strong belief in justice and fairness and will strive to get the best results for our clients in every situation. Click here for more information on Legal Aid and its eligibility requirements


Greenfield Lawyers believe that all members of the community have the right to have their criminal case matters thoroughly explained to them in simple, easy to understand terms and without any complex legal jargon.
Greenfield Lawyers are able to assist people from non English speaking backgrounds with their legal needs and are committed to helping you and your family. We are able to provide Interpreters of any language to assist those whose first language is not English. Our extensive legal experience will ensure that you get the right legal advice when you need it, in your language.

Our reputation has been built around a high success rate for our individual clients. We have helped many clients from different cultures who trust in our reputation and integrity.

Legal Education

Greenfield Lawyers help organise international Criminal Law Conferences in collaboration with Legal Eagles CLE.
Legal Eagles CLE is a specialist legal education provider with a practice focus on criminal law seminars and conferences. Unlike the majority of other legal education providers, Legal Eagles CLE is 100% owned and run by practicing lawyers in the field of Criminal Law. Legal Eagles CLE differs in that their legal education seminars and conferences offer interactions with senior members of the legal profession who are recognised amongst the legal fraternity as specialists in the field of Criminal Law.

These conferences and seminars are the ideal opportunity for legal professionals at all levels to sit at a communal table and participate in rich open discussion about the past, present and future of Criminal Law practice.

Practical Legal Training

Greenfield Lawyers has established an outstanding Practical Legal Training Program for Graduate Law students. Successful applicants are guided through Criminal Law practices and processes, helping them gain exceptional hands on training and experience which prepares them extensively for their future legal careers.

In the last 10 years, Greenfield Lawyers has trained more than 50 lawyers who have gone on to pursue successful careers as Criminal Lawyers​.

If you need urgent legal advice, call us today and speak to our lawyers on 9708 6832 or 0422 372 695 or Contact US and we will respond ASAP. Typical response time: 15 minutes